DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathon

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Digital Pathology Association (DPA) Pathology Visions (PV) 2017

The DPA and DICOM WG 26 have joined forces to hold a Digital Pathology Connectathon at Pathology Visions 2017. This event will showcase the use of the DICOM Standard to achieve interoperability of Whole Slide Imaging between different participants' equipment and software.

Vendors will demonstrate this interoperability to attendees in their booths. A vendor neutral pipeline that allows imaging, archival and review using the DICOM Standard file format and communications protocol will be demonstrated. Attendees will see slides scanned, stored with their accompanying identification and descriptive metadata, transferred to a central archive and retrieved for display without loss of quality and fidelity.

Experts will be on hand to explain the benefits of DICOM Standard based interoperability in terms of scalability, reliability, flexibility, productivity, shareability and security. The reuse of DICOM-based best-of-breed and existing intra-enterprise and cross-enterprise infrastructure for clinical, research, education and telepathology applications will be emphasized. A panel discussion on the final day of the conference will summarize the experience.

For further information contact dicom@medicalimaging.org.

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