DICOM PS3.18 2013 - Web Services

DICOM Standards Committee

Table of Contents

Notice and Disclaimer
1. Scope
2. Conformance
3. Normative References
4. Terms and Definitions
4.1. DICOM Persistent Object
4.2. Web Client System
4.3. Web Enabled DICOM Server
4.4. Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects
5. Symbols and Abbreviated Terms
6. Data Communication Requirements
6.1. Interaction
6.2. WADO-URI Request
6.2.1. Parameters of the HTTP Request
6.2.2. List of Media Types Supported in the Response
6.2.3. List of Character Sets Supported in the Response
6.3. WADO-URI Response
6.3.1. Body of Single DICOM MIME Sub-type Part Response MIME Type Content Transfer Syntax
6.3.2. Body of Non-DICOM MIME Type Response MIME Type Content
6.4. WADO-WS Request/Response
6.4.1. WS - RetrieveImagingDocumentSet Request Response Form of the Response JPIP
6.4.2. WS - RetrieveRenderedImagingDocumentSet Request Response
6.4.3. WS - RetrieveImagingDocumentSetMetadataRequest Request Response
6.4.4. Error Codes
6.5. WADO-RS Request/Response
6.5.1. WADO-RS - RetrieveStudy Request Response DICOM Response Bulk Data Response
6.5.2. WADO-RS - RetrieveSeries Request Response DICOM Response Bulk Data Response
6.5.3. WADO-RS - RetrieveInstance Request Response DICOM Response Bulk Data Response
6.5.4. WADO-RS - RetrieveFrames Request Response Pixel Data Response
6.5.5. WADO-RS - RetrieveBulkdata Request Response Bulk Data Response
6.5.6. WADO-RS - RetrieveMetadata Request Response Metadata Response
6.5.7. Error Codes
6.6. STOW-RS Request/Response
6.6.1. STOW-RS - Store Instances Request DICOM Request Message Body Metadata and Bulk Data Request Message Body Action Response Response Status Line Response Message Body Store Instances Response Attribute Description Warning Reason Failure Reason Response Message Body Example
6.7. QIDO-RS Request/Response
6.7.1. QIDO-RS - Search Request Response Matching Study Matching Series Matching Instance Matching Query Result Attributes Study Result Attributes Series Result Attributes Instance Result Attributes Query Result Messages XML Results JSON Results Status Codes
7. Persistent Object Types
7.1. Single Frame Image Objects
7.1.1. Objects Accessed
7.1.2. MIME Type Constraints
7.2. Multi-frame and Video Image Objects
7.2.1. Objects Included
7.2.2. MIME Type Constraints
7.3. Text Objects
7.3.1. Objects Included
7.3.2. MIME Type Constraints
7.4. Other Objects
7.4.1. Objects Included
7.4.2. MIME Type Constraints
8. Parameters of the Request
8.1. Parameters Available for all DICOM Persistent Objects
8.1.1. Request Type
8.1.2. Unique Identifier of the Study
8.1.3. Unique Identifier of the Series
8.1.4. Unique Identifier of the Object
8.1.5. MIME Type of the Response
8.1.6. Charset of the Response
8.1.7. Anonymize Object
8.1.9. Retrieve Partial Information From Objects
8.2. Parameters for DICOM Image Persistent Objects
8.2.1. Annotation On The Object
8.2.2. Number of Pixel Rows
8.2.3. Number of Pixel Columns
8.2.4. Region of the Image
8.2.5. Window Center of the Image
8.2.6. Window Width of the Image
8.2.7. Frame Number
8.2.8. Image Quality
8.2.9. Unique Identifier of the Presentation Object
8.2.10. Unique Identifier of the Series Containing The Presentation Object
8.2.11. Transfer Syntax UID
A. URL/URI Transfer Syntax (Informative)
A.1. General Syntax
A.2. Syntax of the <query> component
B. Examples (Informative)
B.1. Retrieving a Simple DICOM Image in JPEG
B.2. Retrieving a DICOM SR in HTML
B.3. Retrieving a Region of A DICOM Image
B.4. Retrieving As A DICOM MIME Type
C. Applications (Informative)
D. IANA Mapping (Informative)
E. WADO WS Schemas and Examples
E.1. WADO WS XSD Schema (Informative)
E.2. WADO WS Request Example (Informative)
E.3. WADO WS Response Example
F.1. Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
F.2.1. Multiple Results Structure
F.2.1.1. Examples
F. Native DICOM Model
F.2.2. DICOM JSON Model Object Structure
F.2.3. DICOM JSON Value Representation
F.2.4. DICOM JSON Value Multiplicity
F.2.5. DICOM JSON Model Null Values
F.2.6. BulkDataURI
F.2.7. InlineBinary
F.3. Transformation with other DICOM Formats
F.3.1. Native DICOM Model XML
F.4. DICOM JSON Model Example
F.5. References

List of Figures

6-1. Interaction Diagram
6.5-1. Mapping between IOD and HTTP message parts

List of Tables

6.4-1. Error Codes
6.5-1. Media Type Mapping to Transfer Syntax
6.5-2. Error Codes
6.6.1-1. HTTP/1.1 Standard Response Code
6.6.1-2. Store Instances Response Module Attributes
6.7.1-1. QIDO-RS STUDY Search Query Keys
6.7.1-1a. QIDO-RS SERIES Search Query Keys
6.7.1-1b. QIDO-RS INSTANCE Search Query Keys
6.7.1-2. QIDO-RS STUDY Returned Attributes
6.7.1-2a. QIDO-RS SERIES Returned Attributes
6.7.1-2b. QIDO-RS INSTANCE Returned Attributes
6.7-1. QIDO-RS HTTP/1.1 Status Codes
D-1. IANA Mapping
F.2.3-1. DICOM VR to JSON Data Type Mapping
F.3.1-1. XML to JSON Mapping