III.7 Thickness Calculations Between Various Devices

When interpreting quantitative data obtained from imaging devices, comparing may be an issue. Using different devices manufactured by different companies usually ends up with non-comparable measurements because they use different optics and different algorithms to make measurements.

Currently there are multiple SD-OCT devices independently manufactured, and data comparability has become problematic. When patients change doctors or otherwise receive care from more than one provider, previously acquired data may occur on different devices and become almost useless simply because the present doctor has no access to the same device. Another problem occurs with longitudinal assessments on the same device after it has undergone upgrade to a newer generation. In this case new baseline measurements must be obtained due to incomparability of the data (this happens even for the same make different generation devices). Attempts to normalize the measurements have been unsuccessful.

The manufacturer, model, serial number, and software version information are available in the Equipment Module, and is very important for considering the significant importance of the information to the quantitative data between various SOP Instances.