B.18 Presentation LUT Information Object Definition

B.18.1 IOD Description

The Presentation LUT Information Object is an abstraction of a Presentation LUT. The objective of the Presentation LUT is to realize image display tailored for specific modalities, applications, and user preferences. It is used to prepare image pixel data for display on devices that conform to the Grayscale Standard Display Function defined in PS3.14.

The output of the Presentation LUT is Presentation Values (P-Values). P-Values are approximately related to human perceptual response. They are intended to facilitate common input for both hardcopy and softcopy display devices. P-Values are intended to be independent of the specific class or characteristics of the display device.

B.18.2 IOD Modules

Table B.18.2-1. Presentation LUT IOD Modules



Module Description

SOP Common Information


Presentation LUT Module