B.17 Modality Performed Procedure Step Information Object Definition

B.17.1 IOD Description

A "Modality Performed Procedure Step Information Object Definition" is an abstraction of the information that describes the activities, conditions and results of an imaging procedure performed on a modality. It contains information about the Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) and its relations to other Information Entities of the DICOM real-world model as introduced in this Part.

A Modality Performed Procedure Step is related to the actual imaging procedure carried out at the modality. Other types of Performed Procedure Steps, e.g., reporting or image processing, are not covered by the Modality Performed Procedure Step IOD. The information gathered includes data about the performance of the procedure itself, radiation dose values to which the patient has been exposed, and data for billing and material management. The Modality Performed Procedure Step IOD includes general PPS modules and image acquisition specific ones, such as Image Acquisition Results, Radiation Dose and Billing and Material Management.

B.17.2 IOD Modules

Table B.17.2-1 lists the modules that make up the Modality Performed Procedure Step IOD.

Table B.17.2-1. Modality Performed Procedure Step IOD Modules



Module Description

SOP Common


Contains SOP common information

Performed Procedure Step Rela­tionship


References the related SOPs and IEs.

Performed Procedure Step Information


Includes identifying and status information as well as place and time

Image Acquisition Results


Identifies Series and Images related to this PPS and specific image acquisition conditions.

Radiation Dose


Contains radiation dose information related to this Per­formed Procedure Step.

Billing and Material Management Codes


Contains codes for billing and material management.


The Radiation Dose Module (C.4.16) does not have meaning if the modality does not generate ionizing radia­tion or if the generator does not provide the area dose product.