8.3 Code Meaning

Code Meaning (0008,0104) is text that has meaning to a human and conveys the meaning of the term defined by the combination of Code Value and Coding Scheme Designator. Though such a meaning can be "looked up" in the dictionary for the coding scheme, it is encoded for the convenience of applications that do not have access to such a dictionary.

It should be noted that for a particular Coding Scheme Designator (0008,0102) and Code Value (0008,0100), several alternative values for Code Meaning (0008,0104) may be defined. These may be synonyms in the same language or translations of the Coding Scheme into other languages. Hence the value of Code Meaning (0008,0104) shall never be used as a key, index or decision value, rather the combination of Coding Scheme Designator (0008,0102) and Code Value (0008,0100) may be used. Code Meaning (0008,0104) is a purely annotative, descriptive Attribute.

This does not imply that Code Meaning (0008,0104) can be filled with arbitrary free text. Available values from the Coding Scheme or translation in the chosen language shall be used.