7.7 Extension of the DICOM Model of the Real World for Hanging Protocols

The DICOM Model of the Real World is extended for Hanging Protocols with the addition of an entity that is separate from the rest of the DICOM Real World objects, as shown in Figure 7.7-1. A Hanging Protocol is not associated with any specific objects in the existing DICOM Information Model, because it is not associated with a specific patient. There is no hierarchy applied to Hanging Protocol objects.

DICOM Model of the Real World - Hanging Protocol

Figure 7.7-1. DICOM Model of the Real World - Hanging Protocol

7.7.1 Hanging Protocol Information Entity

A Hanging Protocol entity specifies the viewing preferences of a specific user or group, for a specific type of study (Modality, Anatomy, Laterality combination, and optionally Procedure, and/or Reason). A Hanging Protocol definition includes descriptors that identify the Hanging Protocol, the creator, the type of study it addresses, the type of image sets to display, the intended display environment, and the intended layout for the screen(s).