7.5 Organizing Large Sets of Information

For the purpose of accommodating large sets of frames in Multi-frame Image SOP Instances the Real-World Entity Relationship Diagram has been extended to describe the relationships of these instances: Concatenation (see Section 7.5.1) and Dimension Organization (see Section 7.5.2). Figure 7.5-1 depicts the additions to Figure 7-2a.

Extension of the Real World Model with Concatenations and Dimensions

Figure 7.5-1. Extension of the Real World Model with Concatenations and Dimensions

7.5.1 Concatenation

For implementation specific reasons (such as practical limits on the maximum size of an individual SOP Instance) the content of a multi-frame image may need to be split into more than one SOP Instance. These SOP Instances together form a Concatenation, which is a group of SOP Instances within a Series that is uniquely identified by Concatenation UID (0020,9161).

7.5.2 Dimension Organization

The Dimension Organization contains a set of dimensions. A dimension is a set of attributes that change on a per-frame basis in a manner that is known before the image is acquired, are defined by the generating application and are especially intended for presentation. Other attributes may also change on a per-frame basis but if they are not present in the Dimension Organization, they are not considered significant as a dimension for organizational purposes.

Receiving applications shall use the order of dimensions for guidance when presenting images if the Multi-frame Dimension Module is present. The first item of the Dimension Index Sequence shall be the slowest varying index.


See Multi-frame Dimension Module section (C.7.6.17) for an example.