10.9 Content Identification Macro

Table 10-12 describe the attributes for identifying a SOP Instance potentially created by a human user interacting with an application.

Table 10-12. Content Identification Macro Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Instance Number



A number that identifies this SOP Instance.

Content Label



A label that is used to identify this SOP Instance.

Content Description



A description of the content of the SOP Instance.

Alternate Content Description Sequence



A sequence containing alternate descriptions suitable for presentation to the user, e.g., in different languages. One or more Items are permitted in this sequence.


The values of Specific Character Set for the entire Data set need to be sufficient to encode all Items of this sequence correctly, e.g., using a single value with broad support such as UTF-8, or multiple values with escape sequences.

>Content Description



An alternate description that is used to identify this SOP Instance.

>Language Code Sequence



The language in which Content Description (0070,0081) within this sequence item is written. A single Item shall be present.

>>Include Table 8.8-1 “Code Sequence Macro Attributes”

Defined CID 5000 “Languages”.

Content Creator's Name



Name of operator (such as a technologist or physician) creating the content of the SOP Instance.

Content Creator's Identification Code Sequence



Identification of the person who created the content. Only a single item is permitted in this sequence.

>Include Table 10-1 “Person Identification Macro Attributes Description”