5 Goals of The DICOM Standard

The DICOM Standard facilitates interoperability of devices claiming conformance. In particular, it:

Even though the DICOM Standard has the potential to facilitate implementations of PACS solutions, use of the Standard alone does not guarantee that all the goals of a PACS will be met. This Standard facilitates interoperability of systems claiming conformance in a multi-vendor environment, but does not, by itself, guarantee interoperability.

This Standard has been developed with an emphasis on diagnostic medical imaging as practiced in radiology, cardiology and related disciplines; however, it is also applicable to a wide range of image and non-image related information exchanged in clinical and other medical environments.

Figure 5-1 presents the general communication model of the Standard, which spans both network (on-line) and media storage interchange (off-line) communication. Applications may relay on either on of the following boundaries:

General Communication Model

Figure 5-1. General Communication Model