DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.9.7 CreateSubscription

This resource records subscribers to whom future events associated with the specified UPS Instances will be reported. Request

The request message shall be formed as follows:

  • Resource

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/{UPSInstanceUID}/subscribers/{AETitle}}{?deletionlock}

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/1.2.840.10008.{AETitle}{?deletionlock}

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/1.2.840.10008.{AETitle}{?deletionlock,query*}


      • {+SERVICE} is the base URL for the service. This may be a combination of protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS), authority and path.

      • {UPSInstanceUID} is the UID of the Unified Procedure Step Instance or a well-known UID

      • {AETitle} is an Application Entity Title that conforms to the "AE" Value Representation (see Table 6.2-1 in PS3.5 ) and identifies the Application Entity to be subscribed

      • {deletionlock}, if present, shall have a value of either "true" or "false", indicating whether or not the User-Agent is requesting a Deletion Lock

      • {query} specifies the query key/value pairs describing the filter parameters

  • Method

    • POST

  • Headers

    • Content-Length: 0

  • {query}

    • deletionlock=true | false

    • {attributeID}={value}

      0-n / {attributeID}={value} pairs allowed

      Each {attributeID} shall refer to an attribute of the Unified Procedure Step IOD (see Section B.26.2 in PS3.3 ).

      See Section for {attributeID} and {value} encoding rules.

  • The request body shall be empty.

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services