DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.9.5 ChangeUPSState

This resource supports the modification of the state of an existing UPS Instance. Request

The request message shall be formed as follows:

  • Resource

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/{UPSInstanceUID}/state


      • {+SERVICE} is the base URL for the service. This may be a combination of protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS), authority and path.

      • {UPSInstanceUID} is the UID of the Unified Procedure Step Instance

  • Method

    • PUT

  • Headers

    • Content-Type - The representation scheme being posted to the RESTful service. The types allowed for this request header are as follows:

  • The request body describes a state change to a single Unified Procedure Step Instance. It shall include all Attributes required for an SCU in Table CC.2.1-1 in PS3.4 . Request Message

The Request Message has a single part body.

  • Content-Type:

    • application/dicom+xml

    • application/dicom+json

  • The request body contains attributes in either DICOM PS3.19 XML or DICOM PS3.18 JSON format.

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services