DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.9.3 SearchForUPS

This resource returns a list of UPS Instances that match specified search query parameters along with requested attributes for each Instance. Request

The request message shall be formed as follows:

  • Resource

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/{?query*}


      • {+SERVICE} is the base URL for the service. This may be a combination of protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS), authority and path.

  • Method

    • GET

  • Headers

    • Accept - The representation scheme in which the RESTful service is requested to return the results. The types allowed for this request header are as follows:

      • multipart/related; type="application/dicom+xml"; boundary={messageBoundary}

        Specifies that the results should be DICOM PS3.19 XML metadata.

      • application/dicom+json

        Specifies that the results should be DICOM PS3.18 JSON metadata.

    • Cache-control: no-cache (recommended)

      If included, specifies that search results returned should be current and not cached.

  • {query}

    • {attributeID}={value}

      0-n / {attributeID}={value} pairs allowed

    • includefield={attributeID} | all

      0-n includefield / {attributeID} pairs allowed, where "all" indicates that all attributes with values should be included for each response.

      Each {attributeID} shall refer to an attribute of the Unified Procedure Step IOD (see Section B.26.2 in PS3.3 ).

      See Section for {attributeID} and {value} encoding rules

    • fuzzymatching=true | false

    • limit={maximumResults}

    • offset={skippedResults}

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services