DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.9.2 UpdateUPS

This resource supports the modification of attribute values of an existing UPS Instance. Request

The request message shall be formed as follows:

  • Resource

    • {+SERVICE}/workitems/{UPSInstanceUID}{?transaction}


      • {+SERVICE} is the base URL for the service. This may be a combination of protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS), authority and path.

      • {UPSInstanceUID} is the UID of the Unified Procedure Step Instance

      • {transaction} specifies the Transaction UID / Locking UID for the specified Unified Procedure Step Instance

        If the UPS instance is currently in the SCHEDULED state, {transaction} shall not be specified.

        If the UPS instance is currently in the IN PROGRESS state, {transaction} shall be specified.

  • Method

    • POST

  • Headers

    • Content-Type - The representation scheme being posted to the RESTful service. The types allowed for this request header are as follows:

  • The request body describes changes to a single Unified Procedure Step Instance. It shall include all Attributes for which Attribute Values are to be set. The changes shall comply with all requirements described in Section CC.2.6.2 in PS3.4 .

  • Because the request will be treated as atomic (indivisible) and idempotent (repeat executions have no additional effect), all changes contained in the request shall leave the UPS instance in an internally consistent state. Request Message

The Request Message has a single part body.

  • Content-Type:

    • application/dicom+xml

    • application/dicom+json

  • The request body contains all the attributes to be updated in either DICOM PS3.19 XML or DICOM PS3.18 JSON. Any binary data contained in the message shall be inline.

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services