DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services Response

The Server shall provide the document(s) indicated in the request. The Server shall return the document(s) or an error code when the document(s) could not be returned.

The response has a media type of either:

The response must include the URL attribute for each BulkData element.


The metadata is consistent with the characteristics of the bulk data on the server. If bulk data is requested using specified Transfer Syntaxes or media types, it is possible that the bulk data retrieved may be inconsistent with the metadata. For example, for a Study whose DICOM Tag (0028,2110) "LossyImageCompression" is set to "00", indicating no lossy compression, calling RetrieveStudy and requesting a lossy compression media type will provide pixel data that is inconsistent with the metadata. It is the responsibility of the client to deal with these inconsistencies appropriately. XML Metadata Response
  • Content-Type:

    • multipart/related; type="application/dicom+xml" [dcm-parameters]

  • The entire multipart response contains all XML metadata for the specified Study, Series, or Instance.

  • Each item in the response is the XML encoded metadata for an Instance with the following http headers:

    • Content-Type: application/dicom+xml; [dcm-parameters]

      Where the transfer-syntax in the dcm-parameters is the UID of the DICOM Transfer Syntax used to encode the inline binary data in the XML metadata.

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services