DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.5.5 WADO-RS - RetrieveBulkdata

This action retrieves the bulk data for a given BulkDataURI. Request

The specific Services resource to be used for the RetrieveBulkdata action shall be as follows:

  • Resource

    • {BulkDataURI}, where

      • {BulkDataURI} is the URL of a bulk data element. This may be the URI attribute of a BulkData element received in response to a WADO-RS RetrieveMetadataRequest.

  • Method

    • GET

  • Headers

    • Accept

      • multipart/related; type="application/octet-stream" [dcm-parameters]

        Specifies that the response can be Little Endian uncompressed bulk data. See Section 6.1.3.

      • multipart/related; type="{media-type}" [dcm-parameters]

        Specifies that the response can be compressed pixel data encoded using the media types and transfer syntaxes specified in Table See Section 6.1.3.

    • Range

      • See [RFC7233] Section 3.1. If omitted in the request the server shall return the entire bulk data object.

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services