DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services

6.10 RS Non-patient Instance (NPI) Storage

The RS Non-Patient Instance (NPI) Storage Services define a set of RESTful transactions that enable a user agent to retrieve, store, and search an origin server for instances that are not related to a patient.

An NPI Service manages a collection of resources belonging to the categories specified in Section 6.10.1. All NPI Storage Service origin servers shall support the Retrieve Capabilities, Retrieve, and Search transactions. Support for the Store transaction is optional. All NPI Storage Service user agents one or more of the Retrieve Capabilities, Retrieve, Store, or Search transactions.

6.10.1 Resources

An NPI Service manages resources from the same NPI Category. The target resource URIs have the following templates:





= "color-palettes"

/ "defined-procedure-protocols"

/ "hanging-protocols"

/ "implant-templates"


; is the Unique Identifier of an NPI Instance

Table 6.10.1-1 contains the templates for the NPI Resource Categories. It also includes the PS3.3 Section in which the corresponding IOD is defined.

Table 6.10.1-1. Resource Categories, URI Templates and Descriptions

Resource Category

URI Template and Description


Storage Class

Information Model

Color Palette


A.58 in PS3.3

GG in PS3.4

X.1.3 in PS3.4

Defined Procedure Protocol


A.82 in PS3.3

GG in PS3.4

HH.1.3 in PS3.4

Hanging Protocol


A.44 in PS3.3

GG in PS3.4

U.1.3 in PS3.4

Implant Template


A.61 in PS3.3

GG in PS3.4

BB.1.3 in PS3.4

The NPI SOP Classes are listed in Table GG.3-1 in PS3.4 .

DICOM PS3.18 2019a - Web Services