DICOM PS3.15 2017d - Security and System Management Profiles

E.3.4 Clean Structured Content Option

Instances of Structured Report SOP Classes may contain identifiable information in a Content Sequence (0040,A730) encoded in Content Items. Instances of other SOP Classes may contain structured content encoded in a similar manner in the Acquisition Context Sequence (0040,0555) or Specimen Preparation Sequence (0040,0610).

When this Option is specified in addition to an Application Level Confidentiality Profile, any information encoded in SR Content Items or Acquisition Context or Specimen Preparation Sequence Items corresponding to the Attribute information specified to be removed by the Profile and any other Options specified shall also be removed.


  1. For example, the "observer" responsible for a diagnostic imaging report may be explicitly identified in Observation Content related Content Items in an SR.

  2. A de-identifier that does not implement this option creates significant risk when attempting to de-identity a Structured Report unless it is only used to de-identify instances that are known to have no identifying information in the Content Sequence.

DICOM PS3.15 2017d - Security and System Management Profiles