6 Data Communication Requirements

6.1 Interaction

Interaction Diagram

Figure 6-1. Interaction Diagram

The interaction shall be as shown in Figure 6-1.

Multiple communications modes are possible:

  • URI based using HTTP Get: WADO-URI request

  • Web Services (WS) using HTTP Post: WADO-WS, either:

    1. DICOM Requester (Retrieve Imaging Document Set)

    2. Rendered Requester (Retrieve Rendered Imaging Document Set)

    3. Metadata Requester (Retrieve Imaging Document Set Metadata)

  • RESTful Services (RS) using HTTP Get: WADO-RS, either:

    1. DICOM Requester (Retrieve Study, Series, or Instance DICOM Objects)

    2. Frame Pixel Data Requester (Retrieve Instance Frame Pixel Data)

    3. Bulk Data Requester (Retrieve Study, Series, Instance Bulk Data)

    4. Metadata Requester (Retrieve Study Metadata)

  • RESTful Services (RS) using HTTP Get: QIDO-RS:

    1. Query Requester (Search for Study, Series or Instance DICOM Objects)

  • RESTful Services (RS) using HTTP POST: STOW-RS, either:

    1. DICOM Creator (Store Instances)

    2. Metadata and Bulk Data Creator (Store Instances)