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Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 7:29 PM
Subject: RE: Media-Creating service
Well done putting this together - your "use cases" make sense, but I wonder whether the multi-level complexity you describe is really necessary.  If you follow the DICOM printing analogy more closely (e.g. with N-CREATE and N-SET to define the media, instead of N-ACTION), then there would probably be a cleaner implementation which would benefit from more existing re-usable printing material (to the advantage of both standard writers and implementors!)  Here are my suggestions:
1) Film Session -> Media Session (direct anology)
2) Film Box -> Media Item (direct analogy)
3) Image Boxes culd be replaced by directory items and file items, which would be subtly different from image boxes as:
    a) They would be created by the SCU not the SCP (no predefined number)
    b) They could be nested (to make a nested directory tree)
    c) The "value" of a file item would need to be a complete SOP instance, not a simplified (group 0028 only) image
4) Human readable printing on the media could be analogous to "Annotation Boxes" in DICOM printing (not to be confused with image annotations!), and the anology is a good one, as there could be a separate SOP class negotiated to indicate whether this feature was supported.
By adopting this approach, many other features defined for printing such as configuration manaagement could be leveraged for media production with reduced effort.
A few open questions:
1) How to cope with non-DICOM fies on the media (e.g. viewing applications) ?
2) Should the SCU have to send all data, or as you suggest could the SOP instances be fetched separately ? (This would effectively invove "de-retiring" the referenced print feature!)
Anyway - these are just my ideas.... you may already have considered them and rejected for good reason!

Best wishes

Dave Harvey
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Sent: 16 April 2003 11:01
Subject: Media-Creating service

Dear Members,

I've uploaded in the WG5 ftp site ( a (very) preliminary analysis for the media-creating service. [If this is not the right place where to upload the docs I apologize for that :-). ]

I hope that those that were interested in it, can get a look to this (brief) doc and - in case - integrate the use cases that I started to describe.

Moreover, if you deem that this docs could be a starting point for the discussion, I'll keep on working on it, otherwise let me know how could I better "address" this item.

Any feedback will really be appreciated,


Giorgio Cangioli
RASNA Imaging Systems
Via Panciatichi 26/3, 50127 Firenze, Italia
Phone: +39.0554369352 Fax: +39.055413576
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